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Brian Ellis
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am an aspiring graphic novelist who happens to love Pokemon and Metal Gear a little too much.

I am 22 years old and I have a fair amount of experience in writing, inking, and coloring, but have not had any formal art training other than art classes in school and things akin to that. I used to draw a comic in spiral bound notebooks back in middle school and high school, the same story spanning many many notebooks from 6th to 12th grade that I wrote, designed the characters, and illustrated. However it was all in pen on lined paper, so no penciling or coloring was involved. But, after I graduated in 2011, I began work on a graphic novel series for publishers, but upon pitching the story to publishers, it was rejected because I lacked experience and they didn't want to invest in a whole series on a new comer. I did get about 70 pages of the first book of the series done, penciled and inked all by hand, before I decided it was best to move on to other things. After that I started a weekly webcomic, (but because of it's weekly release, the quality of the art fluctuated depending on how much free time I had that week) to establish some experience and that spanned from October of 2011 to February of 2013, drawn completely digitally. It ended abruptly because of my personal life, and my girlfriend convinced me that I needed to start working on actual graphic novels for publishing and that the webcomic was spanning too long and was keeping me from working on other things. I didn't want the story to be without an ending, so I removed the comic's website, but still have the whole thing on my computer. I regret that decision to this day. I was eventually approached by a guy trying to start up a comic book company, promising a contract and a salary and all that to be an inker and a colorist for his company. I did some character designs and stuff like that for him, but nothing substantial, all without being paid for it, and I eventually started hearing from him less and less and I guess it kind of fizzled out before anything came from it.

I'm currently working on getting some exposure by doing a Pokemon fan comic following the rival from the Generation 1 games, so look forward to that!


Past personal projects:

Notebook doodles-
Various small time projects; 2003-2006
The Starling Chronicles; 2006-2007, 2009-2011 (Done and then redone, planning to reboot in the future)
MOTHER series; 2008

Post School-
Nolan Pandora; 2011 (Unfinished, planning to redo in the future)
Key to the Sky; 2011-2013 (Unfinished, planning to redo in the future)
Work for Rook the Angel Productions; 2013-2014

Current Projects: Pokemon Fan Comic [status: in progress]

Future Projects:
Key to the Sky (Reboot)
Hiroshima Sunrise
CosmicGirl Amber Bailey
Dead Embers
Nolan Pandora (Redo)
The Caelite Chronicles (The Starling Chronicles Reboot)
Legend of the Karatorea

And probably a zillion others.


Pokemon - Blue's Version by SkyMaro
Pokemon - Blue's Version

My planned debut project for my upcoming website, will be actually a fan work based on the Pokemon series.

Well, mostly cause who's gonna be like "oh, here's this guy I've never heard of, I'm totally gonna read this thing he made up". Probably very few people. But they'd be far more likely to read something based off a series they like. 
So, to start off getting myself some exposure, the first project will be a story featuring the rival from the first generation of Pokemon games, "Blue".

Presenting, "Pokemon: Blue's Version"

This story will be following Blue's journey to become the champion of the Pokemon League's Indigo Plateau, getting involved with the nefarious Team Rocket, and causing trouble for his rival "Red".

No release date for this yet, but stay tuned for updates. Smell ya later!

Brewin Up Trouble by SkyMaro
Brewin Up Trouble
A kind of a collage, or something to that effect, of me surrounded by the characters that I've created. All the characters are the main characters of the stories that I've written and hopefully someday you'll all be reading about to some capacity.
MOTHER - Then, then, then, and now by SkyMaro
MOTHER - Then, then, then, and now
I draw this picture again every 2 or 3 years now.

2008 - Paint.NET
2011 - Adobe Photoshop CS4
2013 - Manga Studio 5
2015 - Clip Studio Paint Pro

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